Want to spruce up your bare office space, but don’t want to create even more work that distracts you from your actual job? Keeping plants is a great way of brightening up an office and if you find your workspace a bit stuffy, indoor plants can help do a great job of clearing the stagnant air. In fact, NASA even conducted a well-known study about the numerous and convincing health benefits of keeping plants.

You wouldn’t want to kill your new plant due to your busy schedule, so instead you’ll need plants that will withstand even the most intense neglect.

So, here are some of the best (and cheapest) low-maintenance indoor plants that will bring life into your office:

1. Haworthia

Haworthia emelyae x Haworthia herbacea 2

The little Haworthia, rarely growing beyond three inches, makes for an excellent succulent to fit on a windowsill or in a corner of your desk. It will still do fine in areas with low lighting, and dislikes having wet soil for an extended period of time, requiring weekly watering at most and much less than that in the winter months.

It can flourish in virtually any container you have to hold it in, and is considered a good starter for those with little plant experience. The only thing it may require is the occasional draining, since it hates to sit in wet soil for prolonged amounts of time. On the whole, they are popular, easy, and highly affordable plants that will fit right into a stylish office space.

2. Peace Lilies

White Cobra

The Peace Lily is a plant that can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to put in the effort and grow a massive six-footer, or want to keep it a small desk plant, the Peace Lily will adapt itself to you and not the other way around. It requires very few resources, and actually benefits from little supervision since it is actually easier to over-water and over-fertilize this plant than to do the opposite.

They also function well in any lighting environment. Their white petals will give your office a fresh, modern look, and as long as you make sure not to give it too much water, it is a perfect solution if you’re looking to clear your office’s stagnant air.

3. Bromeliads

Giant bromeliad flower - Mum's Garden - New Zealand

Do you want a low maintenance indoor plant that looks like a high maintenance one? Bromeliads tend to look complex because of their beautiful and unusual appearance, but this plant is actually very easy to tend. It doesn’t need too much light and requires minimal water. Their only potential downside is that it doesn’t boast the longest lifespan; however, it tends to tends to grow “pups” near the end of its life with which you can grow yourself a brand new Bromeliad.

4. Air Plants


Don’t want to deal with any soil at all? Air Plants, also called Tillandsia, absorb water and nutrients directly through their leaves instead of through soil. It is popular to keep them in glass balls, though a more low maintenance solution is to treat them like hanging plants.

Make sure not to use distilled water when you water them about twice a week, though most bottled water is fine. Otherwise, these fashionable, almost futuristic, plants eliminate one of the messier aspects of plant maintenance.  

5. Jade Plants

december 09 237

A succulent like the Haworthia, these plants are another example still of plants that adapt to you, and not the other way around. If you ever decide you want to get more involved with your plant, Jade plants are usually the beginner’s bonsai tree, and can be artistically pruned if you so choose. Otherwise, they require very little water and should be fertilized only rarely. They are also very good value, since they reproduce very easily from clippings.

These are just a few examples of low-maintenance indoor plants that will keep you happy and productive in your office space. Although these plants are easy to take care of, don’t forget to water them occasionally and give them a little sun light if needed.

If you need help or are having trouble with your outdoor plants, don’t hesitate to call Western Landscape Maintenance Plus. Inc. at 888-829-8333 or contact us here.