Irrigation Management in San Diego, CA

The cost of water keeps on rising and yet at the same time, your landscaping requires the proper balanceirrigationEdit of water to remain healthy. If your monthly water costs are out of this world, you may want to have an irrigation audit performed on your property. With a “tuned” system, your monthly water costs can be reduced. Is your system “tuned”? In top condition?

When you hire Western Landscape Maintenance Plus as your commercial landscape maintenance provider, you receive a FREE irrigation audit within the first 60 days of service.

What do you get? Our irrigation technician will activate each valve and inspect every part of the irrigation system, from the controller, back-flow, valves, wiring, mainlines, lateral pipe, valve boxes, connectors, street ells, risers, pop-ups, nozzles, drip lines, the layout etc.

We look for leaks, over-spray, under-spray, clogged nozzles, spray patterns, matching precipitation nozzles, sprinklers blocked by plant material, sprinklers that are to low and can’t spray correctly, missing sprinklers, dry areas, soggy areas, etc. Each valve is inspected for connectivity to the controller, corroded wiring, solenoid functionality, waterproofed connectors and much more.

All these findings, as well as solutions, are then put into our Irrigation Report and delivered to you. If our recommendations are implemented, your water costs will be reduced by at least 30%. Your turf areas will be watered more efficiently. The runoff from your slopes will be reduced significantly. Your plant material will remain vibrant and healthy and your water costs will be reduced, by simply implementing our recommendations. We’ve seen the results time and again.

Western Landscape Maintenance Plus is always up to date on new technologies and products, as well as local water restrictions, ordinance changes, rebates and watering schedules.

We are always monitoring your landscape to ensure optimum moisture levels, so your landscape remains beautiful month in and month out and or irrigation technicians and crew leaders are always inspecting your system to make sure it’s operating at it’s optimal potential.

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