Commercial Landscaping in Orange County

Commercial Landscaping in Orange County

Commercial Landscaping in Orange County: Water Management

Commercial Landscaping in Orange County doesn’t mean just mowing your business’ lawn every Tuesday; it means a lot of things. There are many different pieces of the commercial landscaping puzzle that many people don’t know about. Water Management, for instance, is one of them.

What is Water Management?

Water management is exactly what it sounds like. In landscaping situations, there are plants, flowers, grass and trees that need water, and that’s what water management is for. Licensed irrigation professionals not only know how much water your landscaping needs to continue to thrive, but they know the right technology to make it happen as efficiently as possible. Professional irrigators manage the water in the landscaped areas by planning, installing, and maintaining an irrigation program that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the greenery in your environment.

How Can Water Management Help My Business?

Effective water management is much more than having someone in your office set the timer on the sprinkler every day, it is a job that involves futuristic planning and structure. When your water is well maintained, that is one less thing that you have to worry about. Water management will help the presentation of your business and will make sure that your greenery is flourishing in the best way possible. Also, with the current California drought, it is important that everyone is doing their part to conserve water and water management services are able to build a unique plan that does just that! If your current irrigation system needs to be repaired a commercial landscaper can take care of that as well.

When thinking about your Water Management Services, Consider this helpful acronym: “WATER”


The number one concern when dealing with water in any capacity is waste. So many businesses fall victim to faulty sprinklers that end up watering the sidewalk more than the actual landscaping. It is important that water is not wasted in this manner. Water management services are able to consistently make sure that all of the water being used is being used in the right place and being used as effectively as possible.


Commercial landscaping professionals are able to provide you with the water management assistance that you really need. They are dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of your landscaping and being there to assist you with all of your maintenance and answer any questions that you may have in regards to your water management.


Timing is essential when it comes to your water management. It can often be difficult for the average person to be able to decide how many times a day is too many times a day to run the sprinkler. Let a dedicated professional assist you in understanding the appropriate timing for your water management.


In order for an effective irrigation plan to be mapped out, it is important for the professionals to understand what type of environment your greenery is living in. Does it rain often or only a few times during the year? Is it really humid, or is there mostly dry heat? How much exposure does your landscaping have to the sunlight on average day? These are all questions that your landscaping professionals are dedicated to finding the answer to and working hard to provide your building’s exterior with the quality water management that it deserves.


Overtime, as wear and tear happens on sprinklers and other parts of irrigation, parts sometime stop functioning the way they were originally working. Or maybe your landscaping has changed to where less or more water is needed. If one of these situations is the case, your irrigation system may be in need of some renovation.

What else is Commercial Landscaping in Orange County?

Along with water management, commercial landscaping in Orange County is a lot of other things. Some other services involved in commercial landscaping are lawn care and leaf removal, mulching, and seasonal flowerbed care. Landscapers also specialize in landscape installation, chemical applications and fertilization, and weed control.

Commercial Landscaping can help take your business to the next level. Believe it or not, maintenance of property affects the way that employees and customers feel about your business as a whole!

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