The site of your business should be both attractive and inviting to potential customers, employees, and even investors. The best way to make your business campus both beautiful and aesthetically pleasing is with landscaping. The right look can really work wonders for your business as well put you, the owner, in an even better light.

However, there are some landscaping pitfalls that can happen if business owners aren’t careful. While they may have a vision for how their business campus should look, there are a few ways people typically sabotage themselves when it comes to their landscaping. The following lists the top 5 ways business owners do this and how to avoid doing it yourself.

1. Being Too Frugal with Your Budget

As a business owner, you know you have to spend a little to make a little, so slicing the budget when it comes to your landscape is not a good idea.

Paying less money for poor work will only hurt you and your business because customers are less likely to do business with a place that looks rundown and raggedy, investors are less likely to invest their money in your business if they see you aren’t even willing to do so, and potential employees won’t want to work in a place that looks sad, drab, and unappealing. You may be able to find good work for a cheap price, but don’t count on that happening. Be willing to spend a little on beautification.

2. Not Doing Your Research Beforehand

So maybe spending money is not what you’re worried about. Perhaps doing the in depth research it takes to find a skilled, competent, and trustworthy landscaper is something you just don’t have time for.

If this is the case, you’ll simply have to make time. Choosing the first person you see can be dangerous, especially if you haven’t made any comparisons with other companies. Doing research may be time consuming, but it ensures that you’ll get the results you want.


3. Trying to Do It All By Yourself

In another attempt to save money, some business owners try do their landscaping themselves. Unless they’ve been trained to do professional landscaping or have a certain talent for it, this is almost always a bad idea.

Business owners who have tried to do their landscaping themselves run into the following problems: the landscape turns out terribly, they don’t actually finish the job, leaving a half-done business campus, they make foolish mistakes, and they ruin their property. In today’s culture DIY projects are very popular. However, you can’t do it yourself every time—sometimes you need a professional.

4. Not Being Fully Involved

Even when working with a landscaper, you still want to be involved in the landscaping project. Giving your hired help free reign of your project can end with results you’re not at all happy with. Even though they’re doing all the work, be sure to stay involved with your project by collaborating on plans, making your opinions and requests known, and speaking up when you’re not okay with something.


5. Doing Way Too Much

The best landscapes are those that are beautiful, natural, and done just right. Some business owners get carried away when landscaping because they want every beautiful thing they see to be a part of their campus. Water fountains, waterfalls, trees, shrubs, garden art, rock designs, bird feeders, misters—any outdoor feature they can think of, they have. While each of these things may be beautiful on their own, they can look bulky and cluttered when put together on the same property.

Less is often more, so work with your landscaper and come up with a happy medium.

Landscaping is a type of art, and you should treat it as such. Especially as a business owner, you want to show the world that you make good judgments in any way you can—and landscaping is one of them. When your business campus is beautiful and inviting, it automatically makes people feel welcomed and at ease. Avoid these 5 drawbacks, and your landscape will be a hit.

Western Landscape Maintenance Plus has the tools, products, and professionals needed to make any landscape beautiful. They have helped hundreds of customers achieve both status and respect from their beautiful landscape projects, and they can do the same for you and your business campus. Contact us at (888)829-8333 to get started.

Sources: David Goehring/Flickr