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Commercial Landscaping & Landscape Service in San Diego & South Orange County, CA

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commercial landscape maintenance san diego, ca


As a property manager, HOA board member or owner of a commercial landscape maintenance company that will take full control of your landscaping, one that will MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.

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Versatile Commercial Landscape Maintenance Options

Whether it’s full service or basic landscape maintenance, we will tailor a landscape maintenance program specifically for your needs.



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Commercial Landscape in Oceanside
Commercial Landscape in Oceanside
Commercial Landscape in Oceanside

A Word From Our Clients

“It’s a pleasure working with Marty and Western Landscape Maintenance Plus, Inc . His solutions are well thought out and address our concerns dead on. As a fellow horticulturist and former Director of Landscape and Horticulture, at South Seattle College, I appreciate his knowledge and professional approach….read more.
Steve Nord

Landscape Committee – Vista Valley HOA

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say “Thank You” to you and your crew for all your hard work and your dedication to making Tocayo Canyon Homeowners Association a beautiful environment. I receive compliments every week from homeowners who have noticed a difference in the association’s landscape and who appreciate the fact that this difference will help to increase the value of their home….read more.
Kathy Maltby

Webb Community Management, Inc.

“What a difference your company’s quote is compared to the other bids I got. I was very impressed with your approach, it was professional and very different from the other landscapers that also quoted the job. They quickly looked around the property, then wrote their estimate on the back of their business card…read more.
Facilities Manager

Pala Casino Administration and Sports Complex

Living Walls: Beauty, Benefits and Business

Living Walls...What are those? Living Walls...You may have heard the term once or twice and wondered what it was. Is it a fish tank? Is it a bunch of objects that move? Does the wall breathe? These were the thoughts that went through my mind, but it's actually none of...

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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Livin’ Up Your Office

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Livin’ Up Your Office

Want to spruce up your bare office space, but don't want to create even more work that distracts you from your actual job? Keeping plants is a great way of brightening up an office and if you find your workspace a bit stuffy, indoor plants can help do a great job of...

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5 Gifts Your Employees Would Love For The Holidays

5 Gifts Your Employees Would Love For The Holidays

Everyone gets jittery around the Holidays and everyone is more than ready for a long holiday break. Whether it is to be with family and friends or simply lay in bed and relax, everyone is feeling it. Around this season, kids are starting to do their school work...

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