Landscape Renovations and Enhancements

Landscape architecture in orange county, ca


landscape architecture in orange county, ca


When you hire a landscape maintenance company to service your property, you must take into consideration their ability to provide landscape enhancements and renovations for your property.

A well thought out “design” of plants that work well together, while achieving your goals is not something to take lightly. Money thrown down the drain is not money well spent.

If you were going to redesign a your house, wouldn’t it be better to hire an architect first and then a contractor to d
o the work? Just because you car mechanic is really, really good, it doesn’t make him/her a really good car designer.

This same concept applies to the landscape maintenance company you choose to service your prop
erty. Since Western Landscape Maintenance Plus has a maintenance division AND a landscape architect division, hiring us for your weekly landscape maintenance service, automatically gives you access to our California licensed landscape architects. These design services well apply to all of your present and future renovations and enhancements. With some minor exceptions, our landscape design services are free of charge!!

If your property is an older, inefficient, high maintenance, water consuming one, then contact us now to learn how your property and community can benefit from our landscape maintenance and architecture services.